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About IMA Vadodara

By about 1948 the private medical union merged with the state medical union and as such the present Baroda Medial Union came into existence.

When the Baroda State merged with the then Bombay State, the Baroda Medical Union became one of the branches of the Gujarat Medical Association.

The name of Baroda Medical Union Subsequently changed to Vadodara Medical Association and later on Indian Medical Association, Vadodara. Branch.

IMA Vadodara branch is a very active, dynamic and vibrant branch which is proud to have more than 2350 members. We are very active in Academic field, cultural and social work.

As in every event of life, there are so many people involved. Similarly in IMA Vadodara branch activities, all our colleagues & friends are working untiringly & continuously and as an active member I know that without them, nothing would have been possible. We sincerely appreciate their involvement & thank them.

The activities of our dear organization are the tools to bring in durable and meaningful programmes for our professional colleagues as well as for the society.

We have been working on the guidelines given by IMA Head Quarters, carrying out various activities through various subcommittees.

Scientific Programmes :

The scientific programme is a regular feature of our Branch and held on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month throughout the year. We try to include the programme in such a way that it is beneficial to all the doctors at large. These also include the Orations lectures. There are four oration lectures being organized presently by branch. They are

1. Dr. B. J. Vasa Oration               2. Dr. V. R. Vasavada Oration
3. Dr. Manibhai Patel Oration        4. Dr. V. G. Patel Oration


Late Dr. B. C. Patel CME Programme :

This CME programme is usually organized as an annual event in later half of January & early February. This programme is for two weeks along with two of the orations. The lectures are between 2.30 to 5.00 pm. The CME programme is well attended by Family physicians & specialists as well. The evaluation test is held at the end of the programme and the prizes are given to the first three doctors who score highest marks. This is a unique programme and our branch is the only branch in Gujarat to hold it on regular basis for last 20 years or more.

Aao Gaon Chalen

Over and above the scientific programmes social services is also our motto. This programme is undertaken on the guideline of National HQ. We have adopted village Puniad, Ta. Dabhoi for last six years now. Our teams visit the village on every Third Sunday of the month. One multidisciplinary camp is organized in month of March as it our inaugural month. One by one all speciality camps are organized. The patients are provided free medicines by us and if required are also operated at SSG Hospital / Dhiraj General Hospital / Any of the Trust Hospital in Vadodara or in private clinics at concessional rates. We intend to continue this programme for the benefit of the society as long as possible.

Book Bank Activities :

A Book Bank for students studying in Govt. Medical college, Vadodara, and for the members & their children who take up medicine as their vocation.

Cultural Activities :

Cultural Activities to foster brotherhood amongst members & their families. Sharadotsav, New Year Get-together, talent evening, Children’s Day celebrations are few examples.  

Sports Activities :

IMA Vadodara organizes Sports Week (Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Carrom Tournaments and Cricket Tournament every year.

Benevolent Fund :

A member can avail the benefits of the IMA Benevolent Fund (Local as well as from Head Quarters) if he/she has a continuous membership of not less than five years or has joined the Association within the first two years of his/her becoming eligible for the membership.

Doctor’s Day :

1st July on Doctor’s Day is observed by felicitating our senior colleagues & leaders in profession for their dedication to the Association, the Medical Fraternity and Community at large.

Gurupoornima Celebrations :

Vadodara is having Govt. Medical College and it is our tradition to felicitate the senior teachers for their outstanding services to the college and society at large. This usually coincides with the Gurupoornima in July.

News Letter :

Constant  communication through a monthly Newsletter which gives a lot of information to the members. “Classified” column for the benefit of our members is getting very popular amongst the members. From October 07 issue, new avatar of News Letter is appreciated by all.

IMA Vadodara On Web

IMA Vadodara’s website was launched on  29th June, 2008 Dr. Chetan N. Patel took a lot of pain for this. Though this is in a primary stage, over the period, we want to include many features. From First April 2011, a dynamic web site has been launched with many new features.

Community Activities :

IMA Vadodara had begged many state & National awards for community Activities.

Over and above village adoption programme, IMA Vadodara arranges various health check up camps for the needy people, prisoners, etc. We also arrange Blood Donation Camps. IMA Vadodara conducts tree plantation activities.

We actively participate in the Pulse Polio Campaign & other Government programmes.

To uplift the weaker section of the society, DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) course for science students is being run by IMA Vadodara which is recognized by Government of India.

To avoid the difficulties to the people during Diwali period, IMA Vadodara prepares a list of its members whose services are available during Diwali time. The list is being sent to all public places, medical stores, municipal corporators and members of District Panchayat.

IMA Vadodara Travel & Shopping Bonanza

For the last couple of years, IMA Vadodara has started this activity for the benefit of its members. We have tie up with different Hotels & tourism departments across the India and with different mercantile so that IMA Vadodara’s member get discount.

IMA Vadodara Co-op. Society Ltd.,

This venture of IMA Vadodara was launched in 1999 under the guidance of stalwarts Padmashri Dr. V. C. Patel, Dr. Kantibhai Patel, Late Dr, B. C. Patel & others. It has 708 Share holders at present. Our total deposits are Rs. 2,99,64,329/- we have distributed loans to 533 doctors of Rs. 3,68,16,654 /-. So this is an organization which helps our colleagues readily without much of paperwork for Vehicle Loan, Home Loan & Education Loan, for Hospital premises & instruments loan & even Personal Loan.

IMA Vadodara Bio Medical Waste Management Cell :

This unique organization of IMA Vadodara has a desire to service not only its members but also the society at large. This cell was launched in 31st December 2002. It has 1926 clinics & hospitals registered. We have appointed Quantum Environment Engineers as contractor to dispose off the Bio Medical Waste in environmentally friendly way in collaboration with Vadodara Municipal Seva Sadan & approved by Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

Both of the above activities are unique in its way and only of first of its kind in the entire India.

Our Future Projects :

We have planned to form IMA Travel Club, IMA student wing, IMA club etc.

IMA Vadodara proposes to reconstruct the hall. The new project would include auditorium, conference room, guest house, sport room. Library, office premises etc.


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