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Baroda state had no organzied medical service throghout its length and breadth. It was during

the regime of the old Baroda state that the Medical Union was formed in 1938-39.

Dr. R. B. Chandrachud, the then Chief Medical Officer of the state Hospital (Now SSG Hospital)

was the first President of the union. Dr. P. V. Pendse was the Hon. Secretary. The meetings of this union

were held in the entrace hall of the administrative building of state hospital (Shri Sayaji General Hospital)


Initially the private medical practitioners wre few. As teh time went by the private medical practitioners grew. They established a private medical practitioner’s union and had their meetings in the building of the Fatehsingh Library at Kothi. By about 1948 the private medical union merged with the state medical union and as such the present Baroda Medical Union came into existance.


It was then felt that the union should have its own building and the union approached the then Diwan of /Baroda State Mr. Jivraj Mehta. He donated a piece of Government land and Rs. 5000/- towards cosntrction of a building. Bhailal Amin Rajmitra Trust was approached for building of hall. The hall hwas inaugurated in 1958 by Mr. Jivraj Mehta.


When the Baroda State merged with the then Bombay State, the Baroda Medical Union became one of the branches of the Gujarat Medical Association.


The name of Baroda Medical Union subsequently changed to Vadodara Medical Association and later on

Indian Medical Association, Vadodara branch.


(compiled from the Article “History of Baroda Medical Union” by Dr. Nagendra Dalal).

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